Woofy Do’s Mobile Dog Grooming and Canine Massage Therapy (Oxfordshire)

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Woofy Do’s Mobile Dog Grooming and Canine Massage Oxfordshire

Covering Wantage, Faringdon, Abingdon, Oxford, Grove, Cumnor, Boars Hill, Bampton, Carterton, East and West Hendred, Stanford in the Vale, Wootton, Southmoor, Kingston Bagpuize, Aston, Standlake and surrounding areas.


I have over nine years experience with different breeds of dogs.  How I work is that I come to your house with my table and equipment so will need a space to set up.  I ask that you stay with your dog while I groom as I feel dogs are happier this way and this has been a very successful approach for me over the years.

Stress free for your dog and convenient for the owner.

Services include clipping and hand stripping.  Please call or email for prices.

Canine Massage Therapy:

Suitable for both young and older dogs

As a qualified Merishia Canine Practitioner I am trained to apply non invasive, yet effective gentle techniques to facilitate both superficial and deep release of tension within the muscular system. By completing further Continuous Professional Development courses this has allowed me to enhance the effects of my massage techniques by applying myofascial release techniques, light therapy (Photizo Vetcare) and acupressure therapy.

Dogs benefit from massage the same as humans! Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us if they have a stiff neck, bad back or just need some relaxation. Dogs tend to “hide” many discomforts they have. Research show the enormous benefits of touch which range from treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders, injuries and tensions physically and mentally.

Dogs can suffer issues from:

Pulling on a lead/harness (stiff neck/back)

Jumping into and out of a car/on and off the sofa or bed (stiff neck/back)

Muscle weakness in older age

Muscular skeletal conditions which can cause restricted movement

Scar tissue following injury/post surgery can cause restrictions

Overexertion and ball chasing

Recovering from an injury or operation

Being uncomfortable after a slip or fall.

Why massage for dogs?

Massage not only works the muscular system but also benefits the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, skin, respiratory and digestive systems in the canine body. Dogs have 700 muscles and these muscles, joints, ligaments and bones all work together to produce movement. Dogs use their forelegs for direction and shock absorption and their hind legs for propulsion.

Some of the benefits of massage include:

Relieving tight/overused muscles, releasing trigger and stress points. This increases flexibility and tone in the muscle and improves range of movements in the joints making life easier and more comfortable for your dog. Stimulates circulation within the body.
Enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow. Provides relaxation for tension, stress, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity. Can help decreases pain by increasing endorphins which are mood elevators and natural painkillers. Helps break down scar tissue from injury or operations. Eases compensations and tension in older dogs enhancing general well-being.

Light Therapy (Photozio Vetcare) – a non-invasive treatment tool for numerous acute and conditions in dogs (musculoskeletal injuries, elbow and hip dysplasia, arthritis, inflammation/swelling for example). “Light therapy works by energising compromised cells and increasing blood flow using highly beneficial wavelengths of LED light”. – https://www.danetrehealthproducts.com/.

Proven effects of light therapy

Increases energy in the cells
Fast cellular regeneration
Clears inflammation and increases lymphatic activity
Increases immune system activity
Pain relief and calming by increasing endorphins and serotonin

Myofascial Release (indirect techniques)

Fascia is the most pervasive tissue in the body. It is a tough membrane of varying thickness which envelops and separates everything in the body from whole muscle groups and bones down to each individual cell, providing protection and communication. Myofascial release (muscle fascia release) provides an indirect, non intrusive approach to soft tissue manipulation; gently moving tissue at the surface level, releasing tight fascia and helping to stimulate the body’s ability to re-align itself. This is a very relaxing and effective therapy, facilitating the body’s innate healing mechanisms to realign bony structures and release deep seated tension and trauma.


“Acupressure is the palpation of points used by acupuncturists, but without needles. Acupressure is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of chi throughout the body correcting any imbalances caused by physical, emotional or spiritual disharmony. It allows the relief of muscular spasms, strengthens bones and tendons, boosts the immune system, improves the condition of the coat, and aids digestion.” – Lucy Yeomans (http://www.lucyyeomanstherapy.co.uk/about.html).
Merishia Canine Massage Practitioners are trained to assess how a dog moves. This assessment can show if there is any tension, restrictions and discomfort in the muscles and fascia within the body. Common canine conditions associated with abnormal gait (movement) include arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans in younger dogs, patella (knee) luxation (displacement), cruciate ligament issues and invertebral disc disease.

Treatments will take place in your home, making it stress free for your dog and convenient for you. Areas I cover include Oxford, Faringdon, Wantage, Abingdon and surrounding villages.

Veterinary permission is legally required before a session can commence.

A session will comprise a full consultation, movement analysis of your dog, massage treatment and after care advice. I work in conjunction with veterinary professionals (Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 2015) and other professional holistic therapists offering a multimodal approach to ensure the best possible care for your dog.

QUALIFICATIONS (Accredited Diplomas and Certificates)

Canine Massage:

Diploma in Canine Merishia Massage (Rose Holistic Therapies and Training)

Continuous Professional Development Courses in:

Introduction to Canine Myofascial Release (Dawn McCaig/Jo Rose, Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) Two day course

Animal Acu-Point Therapy Part One (Lucy Yeomans/Jo Rose, Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) Two day course

Canine Mobilisation and Positional Releases (Jo Rose, Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) One day course

Canine Biomechanics and Assessment for Dysfunction (Canine Physiotherapist, Liz Tyrrell-Asprey. , Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) One day course

Photo-therapy and Thermography for the Animal Practitioner (Jo Rose, Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) One day course

Canine Rehabilitation and Strengthening (Canine Physiotherapist, Liz Tyrrell-Asprey. , Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) One day course

Canine Reflexology (Jo Rose, Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) One day course

Canine Myofascial Release part 2: Dural Release (cranial sacral applications) (Dawn McCaig, Rose Holistic Therapies and Training) One day course

Tellington TTouch for Dogs with Maria Johnston (Rose Holistic Therapies and Training)

One day course

Other Diplomas and Certificates Completed

Diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition (British College of Canine Studies)

Diploma in Puppy Development, Care and Coaching (Canine Principles)

Certificates in:

Dog Law (British College of Canine Studies)

Dogs and Children (British College of Canine Studies)

First Aid (British College of Canine Studies)

Holistic Health for Dogs (British College of Canine Studies)

Anatomy and Physiology (Canine Principles)

Rescue Dog Awareness (Canine Principles)

Canine Reactive Behaviour Advanced Certificate (Canine Principles)

Canine Pharmacology Advanced Certificate (Canine Principles)

Scentwork Enrichment Advanced Certificate (Canine Principles)

Senior Dog Care Certificate (Canine Principles)

Currently studying:

Canine Behaviour Professional Diploma (Canine Principles)

Canine Coaching Diploma (Canine Principles)

Search Dog Handler Diploma (Canine Principles)